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New 'Baby Connect' App Helps Parents Keep Tabs

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- New technology is changing the way parents can stay connected with their young children. Now they can know exactly how their kid is doing, even when they're at work, thanks to a $5 app.

At Kinderberry Hill in Roseville, parents can stay connected with their little ones, while they are at work.

It's called Baby Connect. The teachers keep track of how the kids are feeling, when they sleep, and when they eat.

The parents have access to this information instantly on their phone or computer.

Kevin Ronnenberg uses Baby Connect to check in on his two girls.

"They just updated it. Isabelle ate all her breakfast," he said. "That's a good thing."

The app is a two-way street. Parents can also update Baby Connect to give teachers important information.

"If the parent is rushed they can tell us the child woke up at 2 in the morning and they might be kind of cranky," said Kinderberry Hill toddler teacher Brooke O'Neill. "And if they forget that, that's information that'd we'd like to know."

And when the work day is dragging on, it helps to get a nice surprise. Baby Connect also shares pictures.

"Who doesn't think they're kids are the most adorable? And to see that, it takes your mind off of work, it's pretty incredible," said Ronnenberg.

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