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'Neighbor From Hell' Trial Extended Over Document Mishap

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Lori Christiansen, whom some call the "neighbor from hell," did not comment Wednesday as she left the courtroom.

Christiansen, formerly of White Bear Lake, got national attention for tormenting her neighbors. Over the years, she has been accused of hanging demeaning signs on her garage targeting her neighbors and their children. She also violated a harassment restraining order.

On Wednesday, Christiansen tried to withdraw her guilty plea, saying she had been coerced into making it. The judge wouldn't let her do that, but what came to light is that court officials failed to have her sign a document when she pleaded guilty -- so now there has to be a trial on whether she can get 10 years probation as part of the sentence.

What happened was a prosecutor didn't have the document for her to sign the day of the guilty plea. She was supposed to sign the document later and send it in – but she never did.

So now there will be a jury trial to decide if she can get the 10-year probation sentence.

Greg and Kim Hoffman, as well as prosecutors, say they are confident that enough evidence will be presented to get that longer sentence.

"She continues to victimize us with this kind of behavior, because she continues not to take any responsibility for anything she does," Greg Hoffman said.

The Hoffmans say they do not blame prosecutors for not having that document the day of the plea deal, they blame Christiansen for not signing it later as she had agreed to do.

Jury selection for that trial will begin on October 14.

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