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Returning from injury, Mya Morris takes Perham to 1st State Tournament in 32 years

Mya Morris takes Perham to 1st State Tournament in 32 years
Mya Morris takes Perham to 1st State Tournament in 32 years 01:23

MINNEAPOLIS -- The state tournament is a magical time for many teams even if you don't win the whole thing. Just getting here was a significant accomplishment for Perham's Mya Morris.

"There's not many people that remember it, it was so long ago," remarked Perham head coach T.J. Super.

Before this year, Perham's girls' basketball team had only made it to the state tournament once; that was in 1991.

"Now I think it's gonna be really exciting for the future teams to come," said Morris, the Yellow Jackets' senior point guard. "I think it will be a tradition to make it down here."

For senior point guard Mya Morris, the trip to the Twin Cities was doubly rewarding.

"Just getting to go to state with this team and get an extra long season with them, since last year I didn't get that, was awesome," said Morris.

Morris missed all of her junior season because of a torn ACL, but her work ethic got her through.

"Couple summers ago she made 100,000 shots," remembered Super. "She puts the work in the gym. I think we're gonna dedicate one of our shooting guns to her. We'll call it the Mya Morris shooting gun."

Friday marked the end of Morris' high school basketball career. Perham lost 65-38 to New London-Spicer. The lows made the finish that much sweeter.

"There would be days where I just feel so unmotivated," said Morris. "But I'd think of the feeling of playing. Now this year It gave me a new love for the sport. Just gracious to be able to play every single day and put on my jersey."

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