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MPPOA thank leaders for finding "temporary solution" to SRO issue

MPPOA thanks leaders for finding “temporary solution” to SRO debate
MPPOA thanks leaders for finding “temporary solution” to SRO debate 00:46

MINNEAPOLIS -- A weeks-long drama about school resource officers appears to be coming to a close — at least for now.

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association sent a letter to its members, thanking leaders for "finding a temporary solution to return SROs back to Minnesota schools."

This comes after Attorney General Keith Ellison clarified that resource officers are able to use force – as long as the force is considered reasonable.

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Dozens of police departments pulled their officers over the past month, worried the new law opened officers up to lawsuits.

The MPPOA says while that clarification should work for now, "A legislative solution is the only way to permanently fix the issue."

However, some are still pushing for a special session to address the law's language.

"We don't need to wait until next year; Democrats should be working with us now to hold hearings and develop a legislative fix that can pass right away instead of continuing to delay while many schools remain without SRO coverage," House Minority Leader Lisa Demuth said in a statement on Friday.

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