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Mpls. To Receive Portion Of $26B Nationwide Settlement Against Opioid Manufactures And Distributors

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)-- The Minneapolis City Council has joined a nationwide settlement of lawsuits filed against manufacturers and distributors of opioids.

The national settlement with Johnson & Johnson and three opioid painkiller distributors is an agreement reached with a bipartisan coalition of state attorneys general, according to a release. Minnesota joined the settlement earlier this year and will distribute its share to local jurisdictions that have also joined the settlement.

The city will receive a portion of Minnesota's share of the $26 billion settlement, if it does not take legal action against the defendants, said the release.

According to the release, terms of the settlement have states getting larger shares of the $26 billion when more of their local jurisdictions agree to the deal; city participation will lead to Minnesota receiving more settlement dollars.

"Opioid manufacturers and distributors have perpetrated one of the most egregious assaults on public health in our time," said Mayor Jacob Frey. "Holding these corporations financially accountable is one essential step in repairing the harm they've inflicted. As a local government, we've prioritized compassionate and culturally relevant approaches to support those experiencing addiction and their loved ones, and I fully anticipate the funds secured through this settlement will help us continue building on that work."

The city filed suit against opioid manufactures and distributors in 2018, alleging the defendant used deceptive marketing, prescribing, distribution and sales of opioids in the city.

"In Minneapolis, there has been a total of 712 opioid-related overdose deaths from 20211 to 2020," said the release.

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