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MPD: 'Umbrella Man' Believed To Be Member Of Hells Angels Who Wanted To Sow Racial Unrest During Floyd Protests

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Minneapolis police have identified a suspect in connection to the "Umbrella Man" seen breaking windows and helping to incite a riot during the George Floyd protests. And they say he is a white supremacist.

According to police, the suspect was seen in viral videos breaking glass of the Auto Zone in south Minneapolis on the late afternoon of Wednesday, May 27. Looting and arson incidents started not long after. Until then, the protests were relatively quiet, according to police.

"The actions of this person created an atmosphere of hostility and tension ... this individual's sole aim was to incite violence," Minneapolis police said.

The suspect is also believed to have spray painted "free s--- for everyone zone" on the front doors of the Auto Zone.

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For weeks, attempts to identify the suspect have been unsuccessful. That is until a tip was emailed to Minneapolis police in July.

The tip identified the "Umbrella Man" as a 32-year-old man who is a member of the Hells Angels and wanted to "sow discord and racial unrest" by breaking the windows and spray painting what he did.

Police confirmed that the man is a member of the Hells Angels and an associate of the Aryan Cowboys, which is a known prison gang out of Minnesota and Kentucky. The suspect is also believed to be involved in a recent incident in Stillwater where a Muslim woman claimed she was racially harassed by biker gang members wearing Aryan Cowboys vests.

According to police, the man has a striking resemblance to the "Umbrella Man" including facial features and height.

Speculation as to who he might be has been rampant. Last month, the St Paul Police Department was forced to issue a denial along with time-stamped photographs showing "Umbrella Man" was not one of their own officers.
During the riots following Floyd's death, WCCO photojournalist Dymanh Chhoun recorded his reaction to being teargassed. Behind him, you can see "Umbrella Man."

Moments later, Chhoun was capturing images of looters when suddenly you can see the edge of the umbrella and the suspect threatens him.

"I will f--- up your camera if you don't keep walking, keep m------------ walking right now," the suspect said.

Chhoun did walk away.

"I did remember. I did listen to him, he did scare me," Chhoun said.

Chhoun who covered the most intense moments of the rioting for WCCO said the incident with "Umbrella Man" is one he won't forget.
"I think he is the only one who said something bad to me, 99.9% or 100% -- no one said anything to me except for him," Chhoun added. "He was the only one."

A search warrant has been filed to view all cell phone activity from the suspect on the day of May 27.

Both the Hennepin County Attorney's office and the Minneapolis Police say they could not comment because this is an ongoing investigation.

The man does have a record of criminal convictions for brawling, assault, terroristic threats and domestic abuse.

WCCO does not name suspects until they have been formally charged.

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