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Minneapolis Forwards List Of Safety Tips For Minneapolis Homeowners

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- For the second night in a row, a curfew is in effect for the Twin Cities following a fourth straight-night of unrest in the heart of the state. And this time, Gov. Tim Walz has the full deployment of the Minnesota National Guard behind his order.

Friday night's curfew was widely ignored by rioters, and as a result a reported 26 buildings went up in flames overnight. All state authorities are warning that Saturday night's events are expected to be even more serious.

The City of Minneapolis has issued a list of safety suggestions for those in city limits who are respecting the curfew. The department has issued a list of things homeowners can do in order to make their homes "less attractive to persons with ill intent."

First and foremost, they said do not be on the streets after 8 p.m. Beyond that, though, they said:

  • Be aware of suspicious activities/groups.
  • Be aware of large gatherings.
  • Call 911 if you are witnessing suspicious activity.
  • Remove anything from your lawn that could be flammable or a projectile through a window.
  • Store dumpsters in your garage or move to hidden area in back yard. Consider wetting down the inside contents if they have to be left outside in view.
  • Keep LIGHTS ON and some windows open to hear noises that may be approaching. (use caution with windows that may be easily asked from the ground).
  • Watch Channel 11 or 4 for current information. [Editor's Note: We're presenting their tips unedited.]
  • Have an escape plan and a to-go bag (remember to take along any medicines you may need).
  • If you need to be outside wear headlamp, bright colors and reflective clothing.
  • Charge cell phones. Cell towers might go out.
  • Have alternative ways to communicate with your neighbors and help them to make a plan in case things do get bad.
  • Have garden hoses ready and untangled for possible use.
  • Check your flood lights; door lights; KEEP THEM ON.
  • Soak down wood fences and surfaces.
  • If you have a Little Library-empty it.
  • If you have a fire extinguisher-get it ready.
  • Check on each other-especially older neighbors, and the vulnerable.

Police wrapped by saying those who choose to stand watch in their neighborhoods, do not confront people. Call 911 and call another neighbor to stand with you.

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