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'Lens Of Transparency': MPD Body Camera Compliance Reaches 90 Percent

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Minneapolis officials announced Wednesday the compliance rate among Minneapolis police officers wearing body cameras worn by Minneapolis has reached 90 percent.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo overhauled the body camera policy in the spring of 2018, announcing there would be consequences for officers who did not comply.

According to the mayor's office, before the new policy was implemented this month, compliance was as low as 55 percent.

"Last spring, we pledged that a stronger, clearer and more precise body camera policy would produce results, and the new policy has delivered on that commitment with compliance increasing each of the last three quarters," Frey said. "Chief Arradondo and I will continue working with the MPD to ensure compliance with this important policy while focusing on improving police-community relations."

Leaders say some of the changes with the new policy include discipline for failure to comply with the new body camera policy; a requirement to activate body cameras at least two blocks from their destination; and a requirement to notify a supervisor if a body camera is not working properly.

"As chief, I'm pleased at the recent 90 percent body worn camera compliance," Arradondo said. "In a relatively short time, the men and women of the MPD have embraced a new technology that both aides them in their duties, and can provide another lens of transparency to those we serve."

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