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MPCA Expands Private Well Sampling Area In Andover

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Minnesota Department of Health have expanded the study area for private well contamination in Andover.

This summer, MPCA conducted a study testing drinking water in Andover's Red Oaks neighborhood. It found that 40 homes with private wells had high levels of dioxane, a toxic waste product, higher than the health risk limit.

The study area has expanded to Uplander Street and the north side of 139th Avenue, as MPCA searches for the edge of private well contamination.

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MPCA said that residents should expect to see survey crews around the neighborhood in November, as the city explores options to connect Red Oaks residents to municipal water. Survey crews will also deploy drones to capture aerial image starting in mid-November.

The department also said it began to re-sample private wells of homes that are not receiving bottled water, to verify that they have water with contaminant levels below the appropriate threshold to drink.

Residents in the area will also receive bottled water through a new provider due to a state contract requirement. Municipal water in Andover is clean and safe, MPCA says.

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