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More people are opting in on travel insurance in wake of COVID, airline troubles

What you need to know about buying travel insurance
What you need to know about buying travel insurance 02:26

MINNEAPOLIS -- It's that special time of year when many Minnesotans make a break for warmer weather. But with COVID and airline hassles, more travelers are choosing to spend extra on those trips by way of insurance.

This winter has been rough on many of us. For Julia Ryan, this season has been brutal, she broke her wrist during the first storm.

So, she treated herself to a getaway in Turk and Caicos with two friends.

"People were threatening to unfriend me if I kept posting pictures of Turks and Caicos," she said.

COVID cancelations and airline catastrophes have more people choosing insurance.

Before COVID, about 20% of travelers opted-in on insurance. Now it's doubled.

Beckah Morris works at Yonder, a Minnesota-based travel insurance company.

"It's definitely a lot busier than I have seen it in my ten years in the industry. They are going on cruises, coming up on spring break, they are booking nonrefundable Airbnb's or places to stay -- nonrefundable AirBnB's in Florida or Alabama and they're concerned," Morris said.

As for fast-approaching trips, like spring break, she says it is not too late.

"Travel insurance you can buy up until the day you leave," Morris said.

You can get insurance before the trip if you have to cancel or if something happens on the trip, there's 24-7 help for flights or medical emergencies.

Morris says the cost isn't as bad as you may think.

"Travel Insurance doesn't have to be expensive, usually it's about 4-8% the cost of the trip, but if you are just looking for medical -- medical evacuation out of the country, those policies can be between 10 and 40 dollars."

Morris says to be careful with insurance from airlines or hotels themselves. Outside options tend to cover more and cost less. A third party like a travel agent or general travel agency can help you compare policies.

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