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More Boards Go Up At Twin Cities Area Businesses As Election Day Arrives

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Minneapolis Police say they will continue to plan for the worst and hope for the best when it comes to security, post election. The police department is working in close collaboration with local, state and federal law enforcement partners.

Their goal is to be a highly visible force they believe will be able to prevent and quickly respond to any acts of civil unrest.

Chris Evans and his crew from 10th Floor Property Management were busy taking care of some preventative maintenance Monday afternoon.

"It's a lot cheaper putting these boards up than what it is to replace the windows," Evans said.

The plywood was used to protect property during the uprising that followed the death of George Floyd, and now it is going back up just in case there is unrest after Election Day.

"So we're just covering out businesses making sure everybody stays safe," Evans said.

Minneapolis police says "as with any time when activity may be higher than normal in Minneapolis, there is increased police presence."

The election is no different. Throughout election week, a multi-agency law enforcement operation will be in place in Minneapolis and across the metro area.

Lloyd Drilling, owner of Thurston Jewelers in Uptown, says he's not taking any chances.

"We just want to try and get ahead of it this time a little bit. Maybe we are over reacting a little bit, but we want to be on the safe side of the whole thing," Drilling said.

He is boarding up windows but is encouraged to know there is a plan in case things get out of hand.

"I'm glad they are working on it and concentrating on it a little bit because we don't want this to happen again," Drilling said.

WCCO has been told the increased presence of law enforcement will look similar to what we saw during the Super Bowl and Final Four events.

Right now, the Minnesota National Guard says is constantly preparing for contingency support request and will be ready to assist if needed.

"The biggest fear is they don't react fast enough if there is civil unrest," Drilling said.

He believes most business owners are hoping more police presence is enough to keep the peace and ensure everyone is safe.

The MPD says it is keeping lines of communication open and working with everyone to provide a safe environment for all on election day and beyond.

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