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Montgomery National Golf Club's 'Magical Mystery Tour' Inspired By Owner's Love For Beatles

MONTGOMERY, Minn. (WCCO) -- There's a place in our state where you can "hit" a nice drive down the fairway, while surrounded by "hits" from the Beatles.

In this week's Finding Minnesota, John Lauritsen takes us to Montgomery where the Beatles and sand bunkers come together.

It's both a song, and a forecast, that every golf course owner wants to hear. Greg McKush hears it every day – even when it's raining.

"A lot of people will say your owner must really like the Beatles. I generally just say yep, he does," said McKush.

His love for the Beatles began in junior high, about the same time he was emerging as a pretty good golfer. So, when he bought the Montgomery National Golf Club five years ago, he decided to combine his two loves, taking golfers on a Magical Mystery Tour.

"It didn't happen overnight, it just kept getting new layers. For example, all of our holes are named after different Beatles songs," McKush said.

Hole No. 1 may be the most sacred. A few years back, McKush's friend John had a heart attack while on the green. Fortunately, he survived, and that's how hole one got its name.

"We are going to call that hole a "Day in the Life" for you. He said, I would prefer if it was called 'A Little Help From My Friends,'"' McKush said.

It also takes a little help from the grounds crew to keep the yellow submarine looking so yellow. McKush painted it that distinct color right after buying it.

"It was a prop from the movie Tora, Tora, Tora! I guess they had two of them and they blew up one and they didn't need a second one," said McKush.

Hole No. 10 is named "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," because the sand trap is shaped like a 50-foot Olson guitar.

"It's really cool, but you don't want to be in the neck of it. A lot of people are cursing me for putting it here," he said.

"Hitting just past the yellow submarine but not enough to get over the water, that's the worst. (It's happened) several times," said Gary Kleugel, golfer.

Walking through the pro shop is like walking down Penny Lane.

"We've painted a piano just like McCartney's piano," McKush said.

"It's wonderful. Great course. Very well-manicured. And it's fun. Love the Beatles theme," said Lucresia Fose, golfer.

"There's not another one in the country that I know of that's even music themed," said another golfer, Jack Gorman.

And there's more to come. McKush is building an event center along with a new pro shop. In part, because he needs more space for all his Beatles stuff.

"This will be a shrine to the Beatles. I've got a lot of cool memorabilia. So, it'll be all Beatles," McKush said.

McKush plans to call the new bar he's building at the event center "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Pars Club." It is scheduled to open this fall.


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