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MNfusion: 'Motown the Musical' Actors Says Show Spreads Music, Unity & Love

Get ready, because I heard it through the grapevine that a popular Broadway show is returning to the Twin Cities!

For the second time in just three years, "Motown the Musical" is returning to the stage in Minneapolis.

On July 11, the show opens for its second run at the Orpheum Theatre.

This time, David Kaverman has joined the cast as Smokey Robinson. It's Kaverman's first time playing Smokey, and his first time on tour.

Before the show opens, Kaverman took some time to share his experience and what this first tour has taught him.

David kaverman as Smokey Robinson
(credit: Joan Marcus)

So, this is your first time on tour. What about "Motown the Musical" made it one that you wanted to be involved with? Enough so to travel on a countrywide tour!

Kaverman: The music. And, I loved that it celebrates pioneering Black American achievements.

Definitely! It's such an important part of our country's story. So, being that this is your first tour, what is the most exciting part of being on tour?

Kaverman: For me, it's that first night in a new city. Each theater is different and so are the audiences. I crave that discovery each week.

It must be really interesting to compare the audiences from each city you're in. I'm sure each one has a unique experience with the music and show. Tell me, what is something you feel you will take with you on the next tour you're involved in?

Kaverman: I now know how to pack a suitcase under 50lbs!

That is a good skill to have! So, when it comes to performing, what is your favorite song?

Kaverman: I LOVE to sing "Shop Around" every night. I live for the reactions when people realize the song. It's always pure glee, which helps me feel like Smokey.

Sounds like a really fun number! What about a song you don't perform? What is your favorite?

Kaverman: Every show I hear a "Symphony" and I'm in heaven. So, that's "Symphony" by Diana Ross.

That is such a great song! And so iconic! Tell me, what would someone be surprised to learn about this show?

Kaverman: People are always surprised to learn the behind the scenes stories of these living legends. OR, that we wear wigs!

That is surprising! I always find it interesting when there are fun costume anecdotes. So, why is this show still important to audiences today?

Kaverman: It's an American story and I think some of the challenges faced then are still issues in our country today. Berry Gordy celebrates the fact that his music was for all people. And I enjoy spreading a message of music, unity and love.

That is a beautiful message to share with audiences. Aside from enjoying the wonderful music and feel-good message, why should someone come and see the show?

Kaverman: So many songs are packed into the show and you'll be touched by one of the many sincere moments. Everyone leaves with a moment that makes them say, "Wow!"

Sounds like there really is something for everyone! Finally, tell me, what are you looking forward to during your run in Minnesota?

Kaverman: Cheese...and the Mall of America.


"Motown the Musical" opens July 11 and runs through July 16. Tickets cost $39 to $134. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit Hennepin Theatre Trust online.

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