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MN Politicians Weigh In On GOP Health Care Bill Falling Through

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Moments before a vote on a bill to replace the Affordable Care Act, Republican Party leaders pulled it.

Late Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump predicted Obamacare would soon implode, forcing everyone back to the table.

Republican leaders canceled the vote to repeal and replace the ACA because they failed to win enough support in the House.

Trump sent Vice President Mike Pence to meet with members of the House Freedom Caucus Friday afternoon, but the conservatives wouldn't budge.

House speaker Paul Ryan pulled the bill rather than go through with an embarrassing defeat.

Even if the Republican Party leaders had convinced House members to support the bill, it faced stiff opposition from some Republicans in the Senate.

Here were some of the responses from Minnesota politicians to the development:

Rep. Keith Ellison

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan knew what this legislation would do to the lives of the American people. They knew it would kick 24 million people off their health insurance, gut over $800 billion from Medicaid, lower the quality of care, effectively end protections on pre-existing conditions, and cause costs to skyrocket for seniors. Regardless, they didn't care and did everything in their power to rush it through Congress, proving that they care more about giving the richest Americans a tax cut over the wellbeing of the American people.

The only reason it failed is because a number of Republicans felt that it did not do enough damage.

However, they will try again. Democrats, grassroots activists, and millions of Americans who don't want to lose their coverage must be ready to mobilize like never before.

Rep. Jason Lewis

Though I'm disappointed the House will not be voting today, I also understand the decision and remain committed to helping enact real health care reform.

Now, more than ever, Washington needs a dose of political courage. Many times the easiest thing in politics is to do nothing, but that is not why I ran for Congress.

While it's now apparent some prefer the status quo, I will continue my work towards restoring markets, lowering premiums and increasing health care access for Minnesotans.

Rep. Betty McCollum

Congress heard the American people loud and clear: They don't want Republicans to take away their health care.

I am proud of the way House Democrats stood united to protect our children, families, seniors, and people with disabilities from TrumpCare. Our fight is not over and I will strongly resist all Republican efforts, either by legislation or regulation, to undermine the health care Minnesotans and Americans depend on.

The developments of the past few days, as President Trump and House Republicans retreated in chaos, offer a powerful lesson: when the American people speak out, we can stop President Trump and Republicans' backwards agenda.


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