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MN Dairy Farmers Adjust To Declining Milk Consumption

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HASTINGS, Minn. (WCCO) -- Janet and John Bremer are dairy farmers in Hastings, and have seen a lot of changes over the years.

"When my in-laws first began this farm, there was only three cows -- we now milk 128 every morning and every night," Bremer said.

The couple said they understand the decline.

MN Dairy Farmers Adjust To Declining Milk Consumption

"We want to see everyone drinking milk at every meal, but that's just not happening," Janet said.

There are some reasons for the decline.

Among them, since the fat content was taken out of milk, the taste is not the same, Janet said. She added that there are other options for milk drinkers, such as soy and almond milk.

Janet said they have not been hurt by the decline, because people are getting their dairy in cheese and yogurt.

"So folks are still getting their dairy, just unfortunately not in milk consumption," she said.

Bremer said they spend a lot of time promoting milk drinking, and working with companies.

"Like McDonalds, for instance, when they started all their coffee drinks -- two-thirds of those are milk," she said.

Janet said as a society, more are eating at restaurants, where people tend to not order milk.


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