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Annandale Farmers Searching For Missing Peacock Named Dave

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Traditions Farm in Annandale is home to a host of perfectly content critters, from pigs and donkeys, to wandering chickens and gobbling turkeys.

But there's one sight and sound that's strangely missing: Dave the peacock flew the coop 10 days ago.

"He's entertainment for us," said Kindra Liebhard. "He's part of everything."


Liebhard and her family got Dave about a year ago. It was her children who first reported his absence on May 4, when Dave wasn't on his normal roost.

Liebhard assumes that he was most likely called away in pursuit of a mate.

"The kids came in the house and said, 'Mom, have you seen Dave?' He was not around, and we waited and waited and he was not roosting in a tree, he wasn't anywhere," Liebhard said.

So, the family posted the bird missing on Facebook and even printed up T-shirts to help call attention to the wayward Dave.

As of Monday, they've had more than a dozen sightings of Dave throughout Wright County. Unfortunately, nobody's come close enough to catch him.

"We've had people say they saw him in Maple Lake, Clearwater and even Glencoe," Liebhard said. "So if that's him, he's really making the rounds."

If you see a colorful bird with the flowing blue-green feathers or hear his one of a kind call, Dave is quite approachable.

Liebhard says you can grab him from behind, much like you would pick up a chicken.

"When he comes home, we're looking into getting him a girlfriend so he decides to stay at home," Liebhard said.

If you have seen Dave, you can get in touch with the family via Facebook.

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