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Minnesota's THC dispensaries gearing up for legal weed on Tuesday

THC dispensaries gearing up for legal weed in Minnesota next week
THC dispensaries gearing up for legal weed in Minnesota next week 02:19

MINNEAPOLIS – We're officially just hours away from legal weed in Minnesota.

For employees at Hemp House, located off Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis, the good news – like the recent legalization of THC-infused edibles and seltzers – continues to roll in.

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"You never thought it would actually come true, but now we're actually seeing it in front of our eyes and it's just really exciting, the possibilities on how everything can pan out," said Hemp House manager Daundre Lowe Balcomb.

Beginning Tuesday, it will be legal for adults in the state of Minnesota who are 21 and up to possess and grow cannabis, with 2 ounces of weed allowed in public, 2 pounds at home, and the ability to grow eight plants.

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It'll be a while before stores like Hemp House can actually sell weed, with the state projecting that legal retail sales won't begin until early 2025, while a licensing and regulatory system is created.  

It's made for confusion for some customers, Balcolmb said.

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"Right now it is like a little confusing. I feel like we do get a lot of calls and then customers coming in like asking if we will have flower available on the first, but it's still gonna take some time for that," Balcomb said. "It's about half and half, you know. Some people, they understand, and others are like 'Ah, what's taking so long?'"

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But with just hours remaining until marijuana is legalized in Minnesota, Republican lawmakers are raising issues with the plan. On Friday, 20 Republican lawmakers signed a letter that called for a special session to amend the law.

They're calling for changes to spell out penalties for use by anyone under 21, but they're also voicing concerns about the timeline.

Marijuana will be legal to use and possess, but there will be no legal way to buy it in the state.

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