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Minnesota's Largest Candy Store looks to become world's largest

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store to move to even larger location
Minnesota's Largest Candy Store to move to even larger location 01:59

JORDAN, Minn. —For 45 years, the Wagner family has owned the property just off Highway 169 near Jordan.

Through apple, pumpkin and squash sales and 19 additions to the building, it's clear the focus is now candy, even earning the title "Minnesota's Largest Candy Store."

"We are at 27,000 square feet under one roof," said owner Robert Wagner.

 But Wagner has even bigger aspirations: Two-and-a-half times bigger.

"We have greatly outgrown 27,000 square feet," he said.

The store is set to be rebuilt not far from its current location: Right across 169 near Jordan Supper Club.

The reason for the move? Highway construction, with plans for an overpass over 169 near the current building.


Wagner said that the overpass would completely cut off highway access to his current store.

"Having that impulse customer is important and losing direct access to 169 robs us of that," said Wagner.

Wagner said he's set to acquire the spot for the new store in a land swap agreement with Scott County. In exchange, Wagner's old candy store site will be used for the new overpass.

The current store is set to shut down in 2026 with a new store set to be ready a year later, assuming all goes as planned.

"This is not 100% a done deal," said Wagner. "I would like to say we have very solid gentlemen's agreements. There's good solid handshakes."

With new sights set on becoming the world's largest candy store. 

"What we're going to do is we're going to remain Minnesota's Largest Candy Store, but please know that we're the world's largest," said Wagner.

The store is set to re-open for the season on May 1 at its current location.

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