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Minnesotans Tire Of Cold March Weather, Ready For Spring

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Minnesotans in the Twin Cities Wednesday woke up not to trees of green, but trees covered in snow, which quickly turned to slush.

It felt less like spring and more like winter.

"It's awful," said Sophie Kindrachuk, who recently moved to Minnesota from Canada. "I am used to this but I think I'm just fed up at this point."

The cold and dreary day follows warmth and sunshine earlier this month when a week-and-a-half ago saw temperatures as high as 60. But spring that feels more like winter is typical for Minnesota.

So far, the Twin Cities is seeing below average snowfall for March. As of Tuesday, totals were 4.6 inches this month. On average, it's 8.2 inches.

Most of the state has seen below average snowfall this month, according to the Midwest Regional Climate Center.

"I thought they pulled the rug out from under me. They kind of teased us last week with the 60 degrees and I thought ok wonderful and then this morning—boom," said Kaijon Jones Davis, a Minneapolis resident.

Toni Raincon left Midwest winters in Chicago for Texas. Visiting Minnesota on Wednesday, she remembers why she moved.

"You never forget the weather," she said. "It was so bad. That's why I'm in Texas."

But for all the springtime sadness about the weather, at least one transplant from Southern California is smiling about it.

"Winter is so exciting—I love how it makes my body feel. I love that I'm bundling up," said Scottie Hall. "But I also love spring when I don't have to wear so many layers."


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