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Minnesotans Flock To Lakes As Summer-Like Heat Hits

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - On this picture-perfect May Day, many Minnesotans flocked to the lakes.

Chris Steward decided to put out his boat in Lake Minnetonka.

"It's been in the driveway waiting," he said. "Polishing, getting it all ready, it's time to go."

Last week it was snowing, but temperatures on Saturday reached up to 80 degrees.

But there are still some things boaters need to keep in mind as the venture out into the water.

"So this is our first busy weekend. May 1st. 80 degrees. So we are just going to be out and about patrolling and just letting the public know we are here if they have any questions," said Ramsey County Deputy Michael Servatka.

Servatka says to have registration and tabs up to date on your boat, and don't drink and drive the boat. He says to have life vests out and near you, and all children under 10 years old must be wearing them.

"Remember, today is 80-something degrees," he said. "It's going to be a great day, but the water is only 50. So if you end up in the water, 50 degrees is a shock to the system. So we don't want anyone to drown or get hurt, so those life jackets are important."


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