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Minnesotans Dig Out After Pre-Thanksgiving Snow Storm

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) --  It's the first major snowfall of the year and even on the same street, you'll find a wide range of Minnesota emotions.

"It's so pretty and it's warm. Kids are having a great time," said Amy Arcand. "We are going to build a snowman in the front yard."

"Heavy, thick, sloppy, nasty. I don't want to deal with it but if we don't want to deal with it let's move to Florida or somewhere where it's warm," said Greg Larson.

Florida definitely didn't get eight-and-a-half inches like what fell in Brooklyn Center. Snowblowers and shovels took care of streets and sidewalks.

Snow removal also kept businesses, busy.

"It's rock n roll time here in Minnesota for sure," said Stephen Rubenstein of Top Golf. "We are plowing the field, we are clearing nets. We are trying to recover as many balls as we possibly can."

About 20 Topgolf employees worked through the night, clearing snow. It's just part of winter golf in the bold north.

When it snows this much Topgolf has to adjust in other ways as well. There are actually people working inside the targets, removing snow so when the golf balls land inside the scores still register.

"I was wondering how that worked. How they were able to clear all of that. But they've done a great job getting it ready for today," said golfer Debbie Trent.

One storm down and it's unclear how many more await. Even when the streets are covered in snow, some people still choose to take the high road.

"I was supposed to go to school this morning, but I didn't. It got cancelled. Which is good because now I can spend more time with my family," said Arcand.


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