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Minnesotan To Meet: 'Beautiful Bella' Creator Hailey Rausch

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- School is out for the summer, but that isn't slowing one soon-to-be-high-schooler down.

Navigating the ups and the downs of teen years can be tough on parents and on kids.

New Prague's Hailey Rausch is 14, a published author and the creator of the "Beautifully You Movement." She's sharing her story through this book titled Beautiful Bella the first day of school, and that's what makes her a Minnesotan to Meet.

While visiting with Rausch on her family's hobby farm, I couldn't help but notice her confidence, but she assured me she wasn't always this way.

"Bella is a lot like me personally, they are things I've gone through myself or my friends have experienced," said Hailey Rausch describing her short book.

Bella is the lead bear in her book, "Beautiful Bella: The First Day Of School," published this past April.

"It's just kind of her story of finding her confidence and standing up for others," Rausch said.

Rausch was home schooled then her parents enrolled her in middle school half-way through seventh-grade.

Then in eighth-grade they moved to New Prague and she was the new girl all over again.

"I was hyperventilating almost, I was so nervous, I was just freaking out, overthinking everything," she said, talking about her first day of eighth-grade.

The book is a symbol of her struggles and an extension of the movement she started a little over a year ago, the Beautifully You Movement.

"It's just all about cherishing your own uniqueness, finding the qualities that make you different/special, appreciating those unique qualities," Rausch said.

The animal characters are creative, clever and deal with the same issues most kids can relate to.

She's read the book to at least 10 schools since it was published, reading a message that resonates with the young and old.

"I just want them to learn the importance of loving yourself," Rausch said.

This book is available for free download at website

Rausch had a little help too. Neon Lizard Creative Graphic Design designed, edited and marketed Beautiful Bella. Matt Anderson of the Pearce Studio illustrated book for free, Tops Printing, Inc. in Burnsville printed 1,000 copies of book for free. The Cashman Center evaluated book from psychologist perspective and endorsed.

She's also helping host free empowerment camps for young girls like herself. Learning Rx and are helping out with the planning.

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