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Kyle Rudolph's Celebration Creates Great Duck Debate

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (WCCO) -- We will try and finish this part of the Minnesota Vikings story of the week.

The story that has "wings" it seems. WCCO's Mike Max has more on Kyle Rudolph's end zone craze.

The celebration that created the debate: Duck, Duck Goose or Duck, Duck Gray Duck?

We know, it's now time to focus on the Vikings hosting the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. But we've got to give it one more interpretation. Because the man behind it Monday night was so funny in explaining it.

"Minnesotans are proud about their Duck, Duck, Gray Duck and it's something to hang your hat on I guess," Kyle Rudolph said.

Rudolph's bigger concern is with the children of Minnesota. He has two young daughters, and this could have an impact.

"One of the coolest sights I've seen when I scored a touchdown because I turn around and I see Mike Remmers and Joe Berger and Pat Elflein just sprinting at me to sit down," Rudolph said.

It seems only Adam Thielen, a Minnesotan, really understands that no one is trying to ruffle any feathers.

"He had no idea that it was called Duck, Duck, Goose everywhere else in the United States except for here," Rudolph said.

But even the head coach, who is a duck hunter, is OK with it.

"I know I hadn't seen them practice it. But hey if they do that and we score a lot of touchdowns, I'll jump in with them," Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said.

"It puts a little bit of fun back into the game and it was just getting so strict you didn't really know what you could and what you couldn't do. For them to relax it, I don't see how something like that does any harm to the game," Rudolph said.


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