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Minnesota unemployment rate holds at 1.8%, tying all-time low

528K jobs created in July
528K jobs created in July 03:41

MINNEAPOLIS -- Minnesota's unemployment rate remained at 1.8% in July, tying the state's record low, according to state officials.

On Thursday, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) released updated numbers on employment, boasting strong job growth in the state that's more than double the national rate.

Minnesota saw 19,100 new jobs - a 0.7% uptick - in July, while the nation experienced a 0.3% increase.

Gov. Tim Walz released a statement celebrating the news, noting that Minnesota has seen greater job growth rate than the nation for the past six months. 

"Minnesotans across the state are seeing more job opportunities than ever before," Gov. Tim Walz said. "We are growing jobs and expanding our economy at a record-breaking pace. As Minnesotans continue to see global uncertainty and rising costs, these numbers demonstrate that Minnesota's economy has a strong foundation."

State officials point out that employment recovery has not been consistent for all Minnesotans. According to the data, the unemployment rate remained steady at 2.4% for White Minnesotans, fell slightly to 7.3% for Black Minnesotans and rose slightly to 3.2% for Hispanic Minnesotans in July.

"Despite a very tight labor market, employers are hiring at a fast rate, and continue to offer ample opportunities for Minnesotans seeking good-paying jobs," said DEED Commissioner Steve Grove. "For employers facing hiring challenges, we're continuing DEED's Summer of Jobs campaign to highlight job market opportunities, and to help employers find workers in labor pools they may have previously overlooked."

The state began tracking the unemployment rate in 1976.

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