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What Are Timberwolves Options In NBA Free Agency?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The Minnesota Timberwolves are now moving towards NBA free agency, it starts Sunday.

They don't anticipate being overly active, but it all starts with one player. If someone can tell us where LeBron James is going, we can start the free agent speculation. He's the key in this year's class.

"This couple weeks here is a great process in the fact that we go right from the draft into continuing to communicate with other teams for potential trades," Timberwolves General Manager Scott Layden said.

Could Tom Thibodeau make a trade? They did last year, but there is a lot to account for. Like Karl-Anthony Towns, and trying to get his max contract done.

And they are working on Jimmy Butler, whose contract is up after next season.

"Every day we work at it. We know how important he is. We feel he's one of the best players in the league. I think how you manage that on a daily basis is important. I think our communication with him is important," Thibodeau said.

It's difficult to imagine them bringing back Cole Aldrich, unless it's a reduced price. And it certainly appears they intend to make an effort to sign Derrick Rose. He's the ideal of a relatively lower salary that you need on a roster.

Because according to the coach, a free agent decides based on four things.

"From a player's standpoint it usually comes down to four things that I think are critical. One being the city that you're in, and we feel very strongly about that. Secondly I would say that winning is important to most players. Obviously the third is the money, and then the people that they're playing with," Thibodeau said.


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