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Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes and sometimes four seasons in a week, but where's winter?

December is here, but where is winter?
December is here, but where is winter? 02:00

MINNEAPOLIS — The warmer weather is starting to impact Minnesotans looking to partake in winter activities.

With no snow on the ground and eager skiers, snow guns at Theodore Wirth Park are picking up the slack.

"We have more than 1.5k of manufactured snow here at Theo Wirth Park," said Ben Bauch, Trail Head Director.

Bauch says even manufactured snow needs cooler temps.

"This warmup we are having today (Saturday) forced us to turn off our snow guns," Bauch said. Ideal weather would be below 28 degrees.

For 2006 Olympic cross-country skier Lindsay Williams, the snow is crucial for competition prep.

 "I've got to get some time on snow because I haven't really had any yet," Williams said.

The lack of snow is forcing Olympian Lindsay Williams to head to Alaska to start training for the Cross-Country World Cup, which is will be held at Theodore Wirth Park.

The warmer start to the season is also impacting the Minnesota Ice Festival

"We are looking forward to colder weather," Minnesota Ice CEO Robert Harrell said.

The work has already begun to transform the Minnesota Vikings practice field into an ice festival.

Harrell said his team made the decision to delay Friday's shipment of 160,000 pounds of ice.

"Looking at the forecast and also just looking at where we were in construction, we felt comfortable with it," Harrell stated.

He's expecting the shipment to arrive early next week.

No matter the activity, Minnesotans are pushing through to keep winter recreation going.

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