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Minnesota sees quick visit of winter weather

Minnesota sees quick burst of winter weather
Minnesota sees quick burst of winter weather 02:13

MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota had a rare visitor Tuesday — winter!

The quick burst on Tuesday was sandwiched between a record 65 degrees on Monday and an even-warmer weekend.

"I don't remember a winter like this where it's been so back and forth, up and down, mild and cold," said Nick Riley of Minneapolis.

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"Sixty-five yesterday is just insane for a February day. I was thinking about getting my bike out, and then today I'm saying no I'm not taking that bike out for another month," said Dave Thompson, who also lives in Minneapolis.

Tuesday saw a dramatic drop in temperatures, forcing people bundle up as the snow came down. 

Spring feels far off in Fargo-Moorhead, where they are digging out from blizzard conditions.

And in northwestern Minnesota, the state warned against any travel.

"The weather's always changing and that's kind of interesting in its own way. It's annoyingly interesting today," said Thompson.

Even though snow didn't accumulate much Tuesday, the steep drop in temperature could create some icy spots on that morning commute on Wednesday.

Make sure to bundle up and take it slow.

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