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Minnesota National Guard Members Rescue Couple In Highway Crash

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Two Minnesota National Guard members helped rescue a couple from a car crash last month after the vehicle became wedged under an overpass.

According to the Minnesota National Guard, Sheri Bailey, a retired U.S. Air Force master sergeant, and Christopher Reed, first sergeant of Headquarters, were driving separately on Highway 35E on August 20.

Both Reed and Bailey watched as a sedan veered off the highway, drove up an embankment and crashed into an overpass.

(credit: Sheri Bailey)

Reed and Bailey pulled over in their separate vehicles to assist in the crash, said MNG. Reed ran to the crash and helped the two passengers exit the vehicle safely while Bailey called 911. Reed says the car began to produce smoke soon after the victims were retrieved.

Reed, with 24 years of service in the military as an infantryman and combat medic, says his background gave him the experience to get the victims out of the vehicle safely.

"The Army gives you [the] confidence to react," said Reed. "Most military members I know run toward problems. So when you see something like that, I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't stop out of fear of not knowing what to do."

The MNG also reported that an off-duty nurse and firefighter pulled over as well to help those in the crash.


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