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Minnesota Man's Design Could Be Next LEGO Set

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A Minnesota man has combined his favorite book and favorite hobby for a shot at creating a toy to be purchased all across the globe.

There are certain toys that span generations, never going out of style.

Colin Walle, of Chaska, built a LEGO concept that could be picked up by the famous brand, now that his one idea is being supported by thousands.

"We are right now in the LEGOffice, which is our office filled with LEGOS," Colin Walle said.

Walle has been playing with Legos for 40 Years. When asked how many LEGOS he's stepped on in his life, he replied, "Probably 10,000. I do have calloused feet. ... I think they appeal to me because of the creativity. You can use your own imagination and make whatever you want."

Now he has a chance to be a part of the LEGO family. LEGO Ideas is a website where fans 13 and older can submit their projects.

"If they reach 10,000 votes, then LEGO will consider making a set inspired by that project," Walle said.

He's designed a group of LEGO figures based on the enchanting book, "The Little Prince." Each of Walle's designs borrow a scene from the book.

Currently, he's gained more than 7,100 votes for his designs, so he only needs a few thousand more to be one step closer to making his dream a reality.

"Right now we are in 8th place out of about 5,600," said Walle. "I'm sure it's the most out of anybody from Minnesota."

Of all the worlds he's created with his song "Cameron," one of them could be immortalized by the famous LEGO brand.

"LEGOS are all about exploring your own imagination and building your own world," Walle said. "I'm hoping that people who like LEGO or 'The Little Prince' support the project," Walle said.

The link is here, and the deadline is September 27.

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