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Minnesota House Moves Fast To Approve $20M Tax Cut Bill

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) -- The Minnesota House voted unanimously Thursday to approve about $20 million in extra tax credits and deductions that people could claim when filing forms this winter and spring.

The vote comes less than 10 days into session, a quick turnaround made necessary by next week's start of income tax filing season. The bill adapts Minnesota's tax code to recent federal changes.

"Minnesotans deserve certainty as they file their taxes," said House Majority Leader Joyce Peppin, R-Rogers. "As they plan their family budgets they need and want to know what their tax liability is."

Under the bill, teachers could claim deductions for classroom supplies they purchase with personal funds. College students could qualify for breaks for tuition and fees they pay. Homeowners with mortgage insurance would see help, too. And some businesses will benefit as well.

The bill also would fix a glitch in a prior law fostering a massive Mayo Clinic development project in Rochester. It clarifies the intent of the Destination Medical Center law so local governments assisting in the development can access state aid sooner.

The Senate won't vote on the tax bill until next week, possibly as late as Thursday. Its version has only the tax breaks, with the Mayo provision moving in separate legislation. But leaders say they're planning a workaround to keep the tax measure cruising along.

Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton plans to sign it as soon as it reaches him.


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