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Minnesota College Football Fans, Players React To Possibility Of Canceled Season

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- College football fans and players are reacting to the possibility of no college football season this year.

Concerns over keeping players and fans safe from COVID-19 has some conferences calling it quits.

Many fans believe other conferences are sure to follow.

"I look forward to every Saturday whether it's meeting my friends at a restaurant or going to a game live or just being in the comfort of my house watching college football," Will Stein said.

College football fans, especially Gopher fans are worried that the season they've been looking forward to may never be.

"It hurts especially coming off the season that we did last year expecting to at least compete if not win the Big Ten Championship, it's tough but I understand," Richard Johnson said.

With six teams in the Big Ten, Northwestern, Michigan State, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio State and Rutgers, all halting practices because of positive COVID-19 outbreaks, fans say they get it.

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"I enjoy college football because it lets me see our future talent for the NFL," Stein said.

The big concern, players who were counting on using this season as a pathway to the pros.

"I understand that as a college athlete you're doing this in looking toward your future as soon as I heard there may not be a season I was like how is that going to effect the draft what about these players who were looking forward to bowl games just to get into the league," Johnson said.

Some players have taken to social media to express their feelings.

"I know Trevor Lawrence has expressed optimism that he wants to play," Stein said.

Many looking for some sign of compromise or new development that will keep college football a possibility this fall.

"I know Kevin Warren from his time with the Minnesota Vikings and with him being head boss at the Big Ten now, I trust Kevin and his leadership to find a way to make it safe for the fan enjoyment as well as the players," Stein said.

It was just last week that the Big Ten announced its revised conference schedule for the 2020 season.

Word is an official decision could be announced as soon as Tuesday.


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