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Minnesota Cities Requiring Face Masks

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- As Gov. Tim Walz considers a statewide face mask mandate, several Minnesota cities are already enforcing their own.

Here's an ongoing list of Minnesota cities that require masks indoors:

Minneapolis: Cloth face masks or coverings are required when in any public indoor spaces. The order pertains to retail stores, hotels, government buildings, schools and universities, the skyway system, recreational facilities and service centers.

St. Paul: The order requires face masks to be worn indoors in all city-controlled facilities and businesses when social distancing of at least 6 feet is not maintained. The order will apply to all individuals except young children at risk of suffocation and persons who cannot medically tolerate wearing a face covering.

Duluth: The ordinance will require people to wear face masks in indoor public spaces which includes businesses, city buses, places of worship, educational institutions and recreational facilities.

Edina: Individuals must cover their nose and mouth with a mask or cloth face covering. According to the order, this includes retail establishments and city-owned public facilities like City Hall.

Excelsior: All individuals are required to wear a face covering in indoor areas accessible to the public, which includes restaurants, retail stores, spaces of public accommodation, entertainment venues and common spaces in multi-family residential and multi-tenant office buildings.

Mankato: Face coverings are required to be worn by individuals 13 and older who are able to medically tolerate a face covering. All employers of businesses considered spaces of public accommodation must require employees to wear a face covering whenever they have face to-face contact with the public.

Minnetonka: Face masks will be required in indoor areas accessible to the public, effective Thursday, July 23.

Rochester: All individuals must wear a face covering in indoor areas accessible to the public and while riding in any public bus. Rochester police say they will be charging anyone who doesn't comply with trespassing.

Shoreview: Starting July 27, face masks are required in restaurants, bars, businesses with public areas, entertainment venues, gyms, common areas of multi-family and multi-tenant buildings, and city facilities. Exceptions are made for children five years or younger, those who are deaf or hard of hearing, and those who are unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition.

St. Cloud: Face masks are required in all indoor public spaces effective July 20. Exemptions are made for kids under age five and people who are unable to wear masks because of a medical condition.

St. Louis Park: Starting July 27, face masks will be required in all "public accommodating buildings." Stores will be required to post signs about the policy in their windows. Exceptions are children younger than five, people with medical exceptions and at polling places.

White Bear Lake: Face masks will be required in areas accessible to the public starting on Friday, July 17.

Winona: The order requires all residents and visitors to wear face coverings in indoor areas broadly accessible to the public – including customers and employees at businesses open to the general public.

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