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Minnesota Accent Ranked America's 3rd Least Sexy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Just yesterday, we reported on how Minnesota was ranked the third-best state in the U.S.

Apparently it's a story that only plays so long as you're reading it, and not hearing someone from here tell it to you. That's because Minnesota's accent has just been called more or less the third least sexy accent.

Ja sure, you betcha!

The Big 7 Travel survey ranks our state 48th when it comes to the sexiest accents in America. That's better, or at least sexier, than only New Jersey and Long Islander accents. Also near the bottom of the list is "Valley Girl" Californian, and Alaskan, which they say is really the result of the number of Minnesotans who migrated there. So actually we get slapped in the face twice in this survey.

The survey ranks Texan, Bostonian and New York as the sexiest accents. So take our advice on this survey and fuggetaboutit!

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