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Minneapolis Rolls Out The Red Carpet For All-Stars

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Tuesday was an amazing day to be in downtown Minneapolis.

Even people who weren't going to the All-Star Game Tuesday evening could still soak up some of the energy from it throughout the day.

Including during the big All-Star Red Carpet parade that happened before the big game.

Baseball fans came from all over to see their stars.

From 12th Street and Nicollet mall all the way to Target Field, the streets were red carpet ready for the All Stars, and the fans.

"I've seen jerseys from everywhere and it's great for the city," Larry Campbell, of Minneapolis, said.

Fans started lining up earlier in the morning for the parade.

"Just to get a good spot to see all the players," Campbell said.

"It's up and personal, you get to see them. They're dressed up, you get to say hi, and they wave. And just the excitement and the adrenaline going through everybody here," Martha Romero, of Chicago, said.

Everyone from Rod Carew to Derek Jeter made appearances.

The Twins' Glen Perkins and Kurt Suzuki got the biggest cheers.

"They're like great players that do amazing things on the field. Amazing catches, home runs, stuff like that," Seth Jackson, of Eagan, said.

Fifteen-year-old Sophie and her twin brother Ryan made sure they were at the front of the line.

"We love seeing the players and getting really close. You can see them really well when they drive by," spectator Sophie Bohr said.

She's been to every All-Star Red Carpet event since she was two.

"I love going, seeing the new cities every year," Bohr said.

This comes a day after fans battled wind and rain for the All-Star Home Run Derby. Now, its all-star weather for the day they've been waiting for.

"It's absolutely gorgeous. I'm so excited to be out here," Romero said.

For fans who've had their share of All-Star Game experiences, the cities change, but the fan spirit hasn't changed much.

"It's great to see all the stars from all the teams. That's what it's all about," Campbell said.

Sophie Bohr has been to 13 All-Star parades now, and when asked how Minnesota compared, she said this was one of her favorites being right in the heart of downtown.


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