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Minneapolis preps for more rounds of snow

Minneapolis preps for another round of snow
Minneapolis preps for another round of snow 01:55

MINNEAPOLIS – Minneapolis says it's ready for our next streak of snow.

It hasn't been decided whether the city will offer free off-street parking like a couple weeks ago, but officials say the warmer temperatures are helpful.  

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"I don't think we'll do any pre-treating with this one," said Joe Paumen, Minneapolis's director of transportation maintenance and repair. "The temperatures are hovering right around freezing and are scheduled to be above freezing, so we'll see that heavy, slushy snow that should melt off pretty quickly."

Paumen says they're watching the forecast to determine whether a snow emergency will be necessary.  


"Minneapolis does a great job with their snow emergency routes, and then you get on the side streets and it's a bit of a challenge," said Jeff Springer.

The city is still removing snow from some streets, Paumen says, but residents say clearing has been better than earlier this winter.

"In our neighborhood, things are plowed pretty well," said Carly Bad Heart Bull. "This time of year there's a lot of potholes. It's March. We're all done, we're all ready to be outside getting that vitamin D."

Minneapolis will look at offering free parking spaces again during more significant snow events.

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