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Minneapolis Police Say Missing 2-Year-Old Child Found Safe Near Syracuse, N.Y.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Minneapolis police say a missing 2-year-old they believe was possibly abducted by her older sister has been found safe.

Two-year-old Nasteha Mohamed and her 26-year-old sister, Amina Mohamed, went missing less than 24 hours ago but managed to make it 1000 miles East, near Syracuse, N.Y.

The BCA sent out an alert to law enforcement agencies nationwide, with information on the missing vehicle and what they knew about the people inside. That alert is what prompted NY State Police to pull over the 2013 Chevy Equinox, according to Minneapolis Police.

The Minneapolis Police Department says there was only a small amount of information that led investigators eastward, and that all local efforts were coming up empty.

The family was worried the toddler was in danger because her sister has a history of mental health challenges and paranoia.

Investigators spoke with the family about Tuesday morning to share the good news.

"The 2-year-old is safe and sound and in protective custody and our 26-year-old suspect is in police custody. Investigative teams from the Minneapolis Police Department are working with child services and protection to work on getting this child back to its very concerned but very relieved parents," John Elder said.

It's too early to know what charges would be filed, if any.

Someone who knows the girls said Amina Mohamed mentioned something about attending a lecture at a college in Massachusetts. Why she'd think to bring her two year old sister is also unclear.

It's possible that she won't be questioned until she arrives back to Minnesota.

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