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Minneapolis Man Runs Across Minn. To Highlight Outstate Safety Concerns For LGBTQIA+ Community

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A Minneapolis man is on a mission to run across Minnesota.

Mikah Meyer is 173 miles into his cross-state crusade, with only 27 miles left to go. His run brought him through Minneapolis Sunday.

Meyer says he's running for LGBTQIA+ quality. This run is launching a new "Outside Safe Space" program to make rural and outdoor spaces more welcoming. The program also encourages people to wear symbols reflecting their support.

"So often, LGBT people feel safe in urban corridors like here in Minneapolis, but when we get outside of those bubbles, to rural areas or national parks or outdoors areas, we don't feel safe and we don't feel welcome," Meyer said. "So this is a symbol that allies can wear as a pin or a patch, or a T-shirt or a sticker on their water bottle, to non-verbally communicate to LGBT people that I'm accepting of you, I celebrate you, I want you out here in these places where, maybe stereotypically, you don't feel as safe."

Meyer says it will take him a total of 38 days to run across the state. Sunday was day 31.

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