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'We Are So Happy': Minneapolis Couple Shares Dating App Success Story

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- If you or someone you know is single, Sunday is the day to do something about it.

The first few Sundays of the new year are known as Single Sundays. It's the most popular time of the year to download dating apps.

These apps are for all ages, from 19 to 90, and online dating is the number one way people are meeting these days. At least 30% of American adults have dated online.

One Minneapolis couple told WCCO how downloading a dating app downright changed their lives.

Austin and Beckah Morris
Austin and Beckah Morris (credit: CBS)

Every love story has a beginning, and this is theirs.

"I had just moved from Florida up to Minnesota and the pandemic hit like three or four weeks after I had moved," Florida native Austin Morris said. "So I thought the best thing to do to find or meet new people is to look on dating websites. So I finally bit the bullet, logged in and then started swiping."

Twenty-nine-year-old Beckah, a Minnesota native and travel insurance manager, had been swiping for a while.

"I think the first thing that I downloaded when I was 23 was Tinder, and I was on it for about 20 minutes and I immediately deleted it because I was getting sketchy messages. And so I was like, maybe that's not for me," she said.

But after setups from friends didn't pan out, she thought again, and made her profile and intentions clear.

"I wasn't looking for anything casual, I was looking for a committed relationship," she said. "I've been on multiple dating apps and multiple first dates. I really don't know how many first dates there were, but there were a lot of them."

The couple shared what they remembered about each other's profiles.

"So I remember her profile picture was her chin high and I was like, 'Oh, she has a nice jawline,' and then she had like these funny glasses and she was like driving a boat, and I was like, 'Wow, she's a mariner,'" Austin said. "She just looked like really fun."

"I thought that some of his responses were really funny, but also saw that he had photos where he's traveling and I love to travel and wanted that to be a common interest with myself and my significant other," Beckah said.

After connecting on Hinge in July 2020, the couple met up for a walk. Turns out, they were stepping right into their future.

They realized things were clicking at a friend's wedding, where they danced and laughed the night away. That wedding actually that turned out to be a precursor to their own. Six months after meeting they got engaged while, appropriately, on a trip to Jackson Hole.

In May 2021, they got married at the Grain Exchange, the very place WCCO interviewed them.

They say they probably would not have met without using an app.

"No, the odds would have been very, very small," Beckah said.

After all, they lived on opposite sides of the metro and had no friends in common. That's why they encourage others to get themselves out there and online.

"Yeah, we are so happy," Beckah said.

WCCO also talked with an expert - Alex Merritt, the Love Engineer - who uses logic to clarify relationships. She talked about how to successfully enter the world of online dating. Watch the interview below.


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