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Minn. GOP Lawmaker To Address His Controversial 'Bathroom Bill'

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The lawmaker behind a controversial bill, defining who can use bathrooms in Minnesota, will speak about his plan Wednesday.

The bill says "restrooms, locker rooms, [and] dressing rooms … shall remain reserved for males or females as they are biologically defined."

That means a transgender person assigned male at birth, but who identifies as a woman, could not use the women's restroom.

Opponents say it goes against the Civil Rights Act and the Minnesota Human Rights Amendment.

The group OutFront Minnesota says they would like to see the legislature advance issues that make the state better for all people.

"In 1993, we passed a really strong non-discrimination law. And we made history by including transgender people in prohibiting discrimination in employment, and in education, public accommodations and housing. And this bill really is a step backward," Monica Meyer, OutFront Minnesota's executive director, said.

WCCO reached out to the author of the bill, Republican Representative Glenn Gruenhagen from Glencoe, who said he will make a comment at a news conference Wednesday morning.

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