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Minn. Equal Rights Group Rallies At Capitol

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A Minnesota group rallied at Capitol Thursday afternoon, calling for an Equal Rights Amendment that would embed constitutional equality into the U.S constitution and state constitution.

Betty Folliard, with the ERA Minnesota, said most people think there are already laws that cover that, but she said laws are fickle.

"They come and go and they are unevenly distributed," Folliard said.

Minn. Equal Rights Group Rallies At Capitol

She explained the legislation would remove the deadline on the ERA in order to re-activate the 35 states, including Minnesota, which ratified the amendment before it expired in 1982.

"As long as women are not specifically recognized in the constitution, there will continue to be double standards in the law," she said.

Folliard also said equal pay continues to be an issue especially for women of color.

"It's 20 percent pay gap for white women, 38 percent for African American women and 43 percent for Latino women. It's huge," she said.

Senators Sandy Pappas, Richard Cohen, Scott Dibble along with Representatives Phyllis Kahn, and Rena Moran were all at a press conference to champion the legislation.

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