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Mike Max Interviews Adrian Peterson

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- As the Minnesota Vikings gear up to take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots Sunday, WCCO's Mike Max got a chance to talk with superstar running back Adrian Peterson.

Q How'd it feel first game to take the hits again in the regular season? Is it hard after you haven't done it during the preseason, or did it feel natural again?

A It felt natural, you know. Working on Monday it felt natural as well. You know, the soreness, the aching. A little tightness from the pounding you take in a football game. But I think I was able to transition pretty good.

Q Can you tell how you feel going into a season compared to other seasons? Do you feel as good as you've ever felt? Do you say, 'Well, it wasn't quite as good as my second year in the league?' How do you feel?

A As far as body wise, I feel as good as I've ever felt … even more confident with the system that we're in.

Q Because why?

A Just being able to be more versatile offensively.

Q What drives you, and has that changed over the years in terms of big picture and what you want to be?

A It's been the best I've ever played. It's just my mentality, and with that, you know, I always keep the team goals first. You know, winning the championship is my ultimate goal.

Q There's another superstar coming to town -- Tom Brady. How well do you know him? And we always assume the superstars know superstars real well. What's your impressions of Tom Brady, and do you know him well?

A I don't really know him too well, but of course I've been around him a couple times. Pro bowl and things like that. Great personality, good guy … Hall-of-Fame quarterback, and he's exciting to watch, you know. And hopefully I won't be watching him too much Sunday. But, you know, it's always, I know for the defense, I'm excited for them to go up against him. So it's going to be cool to have him in town, and send him home with an "L."

Kickoff is at noon on Sunday at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

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