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Message From WCCO-TV's VP & General Manager

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Beginning now through Election Day 2012 you may be exposed to numerous political campaign commercials purchased on all the major media outlets in the Twin Cities. WCCO-TV has had a long-standing policy of allowing citizens and organizations to use the public airways to express viewpoints and engage in vigorous debate on issues of controversial and public importance.

During the ensuing months, we have little doubt our viewers will be exposed to messages underwritten by candidates running for office, political action committees, and advocacy groups. You may not agree with all of the messages contained in these commercials. Other messages you may heartily support and endorse. It is all part of the fabric of a democracy in action, ultimately seeking your vote on election day.

WCCO-TV believes that the best forum for the public debate will be the ongoing coverage in our daily newscasts. Pat Kessler will regularly research and review these commercial messages for accuracy and truthfulness. His Reality Checks may be seen evenings at 10 p.m. These segments are also posted at

Brien Kennedy
WCCO-TV Vice President & General Manager

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