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Special gym class helps nurture some St. Paul students: 'It's addressing the whole child'

Special Gym Class Nurturing Some St. Paul Students
Special Gym Class Nurturing Some St. Paul Students 01:59

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- There's a special program at Washington Technology Magnet High School in St. Paul that's helping students nurture their bodies and their minds.

In Ms. Megan's class, be prepared to work on your body, mind and spirit.

"My students are the absolute best. All the students that we work with have disabilities ranging from emotional behavior disorders to autism to cognitive delays," said teacher Tatiana Gary.

It's a class even the teachers look forward to.

"After each session with trainer Megan, the kids will report that they feel calmer, whether it's anger, frustration, sadness -- there's this physical release," Gary said.


Fitness trainer Megan Radle, CEO of FixidFitness, incorporates kickboxing, burpees and running. But also mindfulness, meditation and yoga, for the students to work on themselves from the inside out.

"I was not taught to show my emotions, so when Megan came it was easy for me to release it," said sophomore William Fonville.

"Honestly, the biggest changes I've seen is that self-control, we help them release it in a safe place," Radle said.

"I think Ms. Megan is a great influencer, especially on the kids to allow you to cope with different things," said sophomore Chance Gatter. "She allowed me to open up and be the great guy I can be."

"I think this should be something for everybody in this school, and in different districts, because when you use this you connect with your other self and you know how to feel and how to release it in a good way, not to turn it into anger," Fonville said.

"Going through these activities and having her really work with them on social emotional skills, I think It's addressing the whole, the whole child, which is critical," Gary said.

Radle has been teaching at the school less than two months, but she's already a hit. She's set to teach the classes next year, and hopes to expand the program to more classes and schools in the future.

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