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Meet Minneapolis's tireless sidewalk repair hunter

Meet the man working to fix Minneapolis’s broken sidewalks
Meet the man working to fix Minneapolis’s broken sidewalks 02:08

MINNEAPOLIS -- It's the perfect time of year to get outside for a stroll. But taking a summer walk can be dangerous for those who use canes, wheelchairs or strollers.

For many, it's just the bumpy path beneath our feet. For wheelchair users, those bumps can stop them in their tracks.

That's what happened to Michael Sack in south Minneapolis. He uses a wheelchair and says some of the sidewalks are impassable.   

Michael tells WCCO says he noticed a very bad sidewalk in 2020, he was taking more walks because of the pandemic.

"I reported the sidewalk through the Minneapolis website to no avail. At the end of May 2021, I emailed my former City Council Member Jeremy Schroeder about fixing it. Within three weeks, it was fixed," Michael said.

He decided every sidewalk needs to be fixed in a timely fashion. One year ago, he started Minneapolis Sidewalk Repair Hunters. People report inaccessible sidewalks, and he makes a formal report to the City of Minneapolis. He's gotten dozens of reports.  

Michael Sack CBS

The befores and afters show Michael is getting results -- getting the city to quickly patch with asphalt while they await bigger repairs.

In all he's had 48 reports, and already 29 have been fixed. His brother, Brian Sack, is proud.

"People don't think of it much until, you know, it gets fixed and they think, 'Oh wow, it makes a difference," Brian said. "And thanks to my brother … he's doing good work I'd say."

Michael says the patching only works when its warmer outside, so now is the time to make a report.

Michael's growing mission is timely. This week marks the 32nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which provided more accessibility and equal rights to people with disabilities.

Sixty-one-million Americans live with disabilities.

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