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Mpls. 2040 Plan Proposes 4-Plexes In Every Part Of City

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- You have probably heard the term four-plex, but have you heard the term Frey-plex?

That's what critics of what's called the Minneapolis 2040 plan are labeling a proposal to allow four-plexes in every part of the city. Mayor Jacob Frey, who ran on a platform of affordable housing, is defending the proposal and asking for public input.

State law requires the City of Minneapolis to come up with a long-term development plan every 10 years. After two years and 50 public meetings, the city rolled out Minneapolis 2040 earlier this year.

There is a lot in the comprehensive plan.

"It covers everything from basic city infrastructure to racial equity to affordable housing," Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said.

But it's the proposal to allow four-plexes in every part of the city that is lighting up some neighborhood message boards with complaints. At the moment, two-thirds of Minneapolis is zoned exclusively for single-family homes. .

"Right now, by the way, you can knock down one of these small ranch homes and put up a mansion," Frey said. "All we are saying is in addition to putting up the mansion, you can put up something more affordable."

But in some neighborhoods, we found concerns. Bonnie Bolton, a board member of the Linden Hills Business Association said, "It's going to be hard. Especially in this neighborhood, Linden Hills, you can't park anywhere, anytime"

Long-time Linden Hills resident Kathryn Lundquist says she supports affordable housing, but also worries about parking.

"Parking for people is a huge issue when you have the lake, and band concerts, it's overflow in every direction," Lundquist said.

A public meeting on the plan last week in the Kingfield neighborhood attracted a handful of people. A meeting Wednesday at Southwest High School, near Linden Hills, is expected to be significantly more crowded. The public comment period goes through July 22.

"Right now if you love it or you hate it, comment. We want to hear from you," Frey said.

Mayor Frey stresses the current Minneapolis 2040 plan is not the final version, and that public feedback will be taken into account in making modifications. The full council is expected to vote on the final plan in November of 2018.

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