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Mayo Clinic Nurse Saves Baby From Choking While At Rochester Restaurant

Originally published on April 22, 2022

ROCHESTER, Minn. (WCCO) -- Brad Burt has been a nurse for nearly a decade, now at the Mayo Clinic working with kids. But it was while he was out to lunch recently when he really had to put basic first aid training to the test.

He was about to leave when someone was calling out for a nurse or doctor. An infant was choking.

His instincts kicked in, he performed the Heimlich maneuver, and he saved her life.

"I've never had to use these skills before," Burt said. "I've always done the training for it, but it's never come up that I've actually had to use it. So I was a little nervous when it happened but once I figured out what I needed to do my training just took over."

Burt said many people in the restaurant were scrambling and didn't know what to do, which serves as a reminder, he said, of why everyone should take the time to learn first aid and get CPR-certified.

"The area here is very lucky to have a lot of health care professionals but choking and needing to CPR can happen anywhere," he said. "It can happen at home, in the car, out in the community so it's very important for restaurant workers, families to be learning these skills in case they'd ever have to use them."

There are CPR trainings in person and online from the American Red Cross in the Twin Cities and across the state.

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