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Mayo Clinic: Dayton's Cancer Caught Early, Is Treatable

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Officials with the Mayo Clinic provided an update Thursday after Governor Mark Dayton spent two days in Rochester undergoing tests following getting diagnosed with prostate cancer.

A Mayo Clinic spokesperson said he was at the facility on Tuesday and Wednesday for scheduled appointments. The cancer was detected early and is localized, treatable and curable. Dayton has several options for treatment and is in the process of making that decision. The two recommendations are surgery or radiation.

Mayo Clinic officials say Dayton should be able to continue is duties as governor without significant interruption.

Linden Zakula, Dayton's chief of staff, said he underwent extensive tests that found no signs that the cancer had spread beyond the prostate.

Dayton collapsed back in January at his State of the State address and revealed the following day he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer the week before. His collapse was not related to the cancer.

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