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Matt's Bar Serves Up Its Signature Jucy Lucy On 'The Talk' Competition

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- One of the most iconic burgers made in Minneapolis went head to head on "The Talk" this afternoon for bragging rights as the best burger in the land.

Since 1954, the Jucy Lucy has been served up in Matt's Bar and Grill in South Minneapolis. Friday afternoon in Los Angeles, it went head-to-head with the Cobra Burger --  made in Richmond, Virginia -- for The Talk's "Food Face Off."

Paul Rees from Matt's Bar was on hand to serve up the dish. For 18 years, Rees has held the standard high for the world famous dish. Rees takes pride in showcasing just how much care is put into each Jucy Lucy made here at Matt's Bar.

"I am one of the burger jockey extraordinaires here," Rees said. "We start with fresh meat. It's never frozen,  we use the right portion of meat, and a right portion of American cheese and cooked on this flat top ... make sure that there are at least three pickles on there."

Add onions for flavor and you have a burger that many big-time celebrities, including former President Barack Obama, have dropped by to feast on. Last year, Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones reportedly got burgers from each establishment during a tour stop. Comedian Dave Chappelle has also taken a bite at Matt's.

In the bar Friday, the crowd made sure to watch the competition while enjoying what they came here for.

"They enjoyed the burger. They tried both of them. Each had their own little comments on what they liked on each one," Rees said.

The Jucy Lucy loses? That can't be right. The iconic burger and south Minneapolis staple Matt's Bar were featured on...

Posted by WCCO-TV | CBS Minnesota on Friday, April 22, 2022

Ultimately, the burger from Richmond ended up beating the Jucy Lucy in "The Talk" taste test. But while it may not be the favorite of the crew at "The Talk," it is a favorite of all who enter the burger joint in South Minneapolis.

"If you want to come have a burger, the best burger in Minneapolis, you're going to be coming into Matt's and having the original Jucy Lucy," Rees said.

The reaction on social media says that Matt's Bar was robbed of its rightful title. One even went so far as to call the Cobra Burger a "fancy Big Mac," and suggested that people outside of Minnesota can't appreciate the "beauty and simplicity" of a Jucy Lucy with fried onions.

More locally, Matt's Bar has been locked in a contentious battle with the 5-8 Club, which is also along Cedar Avenue and is also known for its Juicy Lucy sandwiches. (Note the difference in spelling. Matt's has said in the past if the sandwich is spelled right, it's the wrong burger.)


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