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Charges: Man, 43, Solicited Prostitution From Minor; Tarp Found Lining Trunk

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Washington County authorities have arrested a Maple Grove man for soliciting sex from a minor.

But what's more disturbing is what investigators found when they searched his car.

Officials say they found a tarp, rubber gloves and an empty suitcase inside Corwin Moose's vehicle. The discovery has sparked a much larger investigation into Moose's intentions.

"The more we look the more disconcerting it is," said Peter Orput, the Washington County attorney.

Washington County officials say a close look at ads placed on for sex led investigators to a Cottage Grove girl who was desperate for cash.

In August, her ad caught the attention of 43-year-old Moose. Investigators reached out to the teenager.

"It's our job to protect them and, at the same time, see if we can't do something about the demand for minor sex," Orput said.

According to the criminal complaint, the teenager told investigators that Moose contacted her again, he wanted to meet and pay for sex.

"By that time we had taken the cell from the young lady and one of my cops was impersonating her and made real clear to Mr. Moose the evidence will show that it was clear she wasn't 18, but he decided he wanted to meet up anyway," Orput said.

When Moose learned she was under 18 he changed course, wanting to meet her at a Cottage Grove gas station instead of his home in Maple Grove.

When Moose got there, he was arrested.

What investigators found in the car was disturbing.

"In the trunk of the car was a tarp lining the trunk, a very large suitcase and a box of rubber gloves," Orput said. "That causes us great concern."

Investigators also took computers from his home, hoping to learn more about his intentions with the teen.

Moose faces one count of engaging in prostitution with a minor and one count of hiring a prostitute under the age of 18. He is awaiting formal charges.

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