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Man Found Guilty In 2012 Triple Murder

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A man was found guilty Thursday in the execution-style murder of three family members last April at a Brooklyn Park day care.

Eddie Mosley, 35, from St. Louis was found guilty of first degree murder.

Mosley drove from his home in St. Louis to Brooklyn Park to silence a family member who had accused him of sexual assault.

Instead, he shot and killed her family members -- 59-year-old DeLois Brown, 81-year-old Clover Bolden, and 83-year-old James Bolden Sr.

Mosley was found guilty on all 9 counts, three for each victim. He had waived his right to a jury trial, so it was up to the judge.

And the judge said the state had proven beyond reasonable doubt that Mosley was guilty.

"Now I know who did this to my mother, my father and my sister," brother and son James Bolden said.

During the trial, prosecutors told the judge that Mosley planned to kill a female relative who had accused him of molesting her. Instead, he murdered her grandmother and great-grandparents.

The defense argued there was a lack of physical evidence.

A star witness in the case was Michael Thompson, a 37-year-old man who drove with Mosley to St. Louis after the killings. He said he had asked Mosley to let him stay at his place after his girlfriend kicked him out of his house.

That's when Mosley asked him to take a trip with him. Thompson testified that when they left for St. Louis in a car, Mosley had blood on his face and stashed a 9-mm pistol in the console.

The judge considered the evidence and testimonies enough for a guilty verdict.

Mosley's official sentencing will take place Friday so that there can be time to collect victim impact statements.

It's expected he will face life in prison without parole.


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